Venus Transit - Webcast

Naar Nederlandse tekst

The webcast is over without once loosing the connection. All things considered the whole operation has been successfully. Termperature management of the telescope, webcam, laptop and observer have been the biggest problems. This is not unexpended as all these components where designed to work under different temperatures. All together we have had a good observation and limited technical difficulties. For me this was a "first" in more than one way and I had to work with a telescope that was acquired recently and not studied enough before. Setting up the n exciting experience too. It is certainly nice to have software tools like the program webcam32, without it I would have to program the needed functionallity myself. Thank you for visiting my website, I hope to see you again next time.

Static image of the transit. The refresh routines are now shut down

More images can be found on a special page here.

During the webcast 640 images and two AVI's for ingress and egress where taken.

Image taken from garden of Hotel Pyramisa Isis, Luxor.

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