Venus Transit - Beelden

Beelden van de intrede en uittrede van Venus zijn nu online. Beelden van de transit en film van de intrede en de uittrede komen later. 

Images of the Venus Transit (part I&II) are now online. Transit and small movie of ingress en egress to be added later.

Ingress images - Egress images - Black drop - Other images - Soho Lasco images

Ingress images

Just missed first contact


Half way in


Hint of black drop


Second contact


Venus disk fully inside the Sun



Egress images


Nearly third contact


Third contact !!


Half way out. Equipment must hold this temperature just a little longer.


Nearly there


Fourth contact is only seconds away.




Black Drop images


A lot of bad things have been predicted about the Black Drop or Gutta Negra. With all our nice equipment this Venus Transit the matter could be close. The observers had different ideas whether the Black Drop was visible this time. At the time of second and third contact report of negative observation were filed. With webcam images and movies we are now able to "replay" the crucial images around second and third contact. Preliminary analyzing the reports it looks the important factor for observing the Black Drop is magnification. Is it instrumentation, optical illusion or wishful thinking still needs to be settled. The day after the Venus transit I took part in an online survey by Stephen McCann trying to test the different assumptions. With observers all over the globe with a multitude of instruments the answer must be out there...

This was my reply to the survey :

Black Drop at ingress: YES

Black Drop at egress : YES

Instrument : 10cm SCT

Place : Luxor, Egypt 2541'N, 3239'E

To  illustrate my observations I took  some images from the webcast. More images will follow from the AVI's (image every second) 

Black Drop at ingress

Black drop at ingress. The Omega shape is visible. Nearly 2 minutes of Black Drop.

Please come back for ingress Black Drop movie (05:37:00 to 05:39:10)


Black drop at egress. Very small black extension from the Venus disk to the edge of the Sun. On the movie the channel could be seen to "grow". 


For the egress Black Drop I concede that it possibly was the Venus atmosphere and not an optical illusion. Please come back later for a short movie (11:04:30 to 11:05:00) of the third contact.

Technical information on used equipment here.


Images Other observers



Composition image of the Venus Transit (Leo Aerts)


Image by Christophe Behaegel. C8+focal reducer, astro solar filter, Nikon 990W




SOHO LASCO C2 & C3 Images (more)

Images taken some days before and after first contact

Lasco image, VT - 4 days   Lasco image, VT - 3 days   Lasco image, VT - 2 days   Lasco image, VT - 24 hours   Lasco image, Start of Venus Transit   Lasco image, VT + 24 hours   Lasco image, VT + 2 days

Lasco C2 image, VT - 12 hours


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