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Country, province

Egypt, Governate  of Qina


Luxor, aka Al Uqsur

Luxor Airport

Longitude 32 42' 00" East

Latitude 25 41' 00" North

Elevation 100m


(Heavens Above) 

Longitude 32 39' 00" East

Latitude 25 41' 00" North

Elevation 77m

Observation site

Hotel Pyramisa Isis - Tel +20 (0)95 372 750


Egyptian Pound (L.E.) 

1 euro = 7,5152 LE. (rate 2004-06-03)

Average income

State worker : $100/month = LE450

College Engineer: $325/month = LE1500

source:  sept/2002

Other jobs see report on


Map of Luxor








Website Luxor

Website Hotel Pyramisa Isis



Connecting to the Internet

Internet connection in the Hotel Isis cost LE 12 (approx 1,60) for 1/2 hour and LE 20 (approx 2,66) for 1 hour.

Connection to the internet is established over an analog telephone line through the number 0777.0555 which is a anonymous login to the internet. Not all SMTP servers  for sending mail like the connection. The mailserver is OK.

Connection speed has been between 20 Kbps and 42 Kbps.

I was helped by Mohammed from the front desk.


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